The Team Honouring the past, forging the future.

Here at Muratti Cakes and Gateaux, we cherish tradition and yet we never stand still. We know that our success is driven by a continued focus on quality and meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. Of course rising to the standards we set for ourselves takes more than commitment – it demands energy, too.

The Muratti team has been assembled to honour our proven values and to meet the challenges of the future. Founders Darek Pietka and Robert Ziolek head up a team of co-owners including Jimmy, Scott and Michael Parris, as well as Tony Cao and Aaron Corbo. It is a team that combines a core of commitment to standards with a brave and energetic zeal to explore the future.

We are proud of our team and confident that each product we offer, and every customer experience, will reflect our belief that our business revolves around the happiness of the people we serve – people like you.