Ciabatta Panini Ciabatta Panini

Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast, created in 1982 by a baker in Verona, Veneto, Italy, in response to the popularity of French baguettes

Fennel & Caraway Seed Sourdough Fennel & Caraway Seed Sourdough

A white sourdough made with Fennel, Poppy and Caraway seeds.

French Baguette French Baguette

Traditional crusty French Baguette

Light Rye Sourdough Light Rye Sourdough

A crusty Light Rye sourdough loaf

Olive & Rosemary Fougasse Olive & Rosemary Fougasse

Crusty white ciabatta style bread baked with olive & rosemary

White Sourdough Loaf White Sourdough Loaf

Crusty white sourdough loaf.