Cocktail Cakes

Apple & Cinnamon Meringue Apple & Cinnamon Meringue

Sweet pastry, apple, cinnamon mousse & meringue.

Banana Caramel Banana Caramel

Sweet pastry filled with caramel, slice of banana and whipped cream coated in shredded white chocolate

Blood Orange Tart Blood Orange Tart

Blood orange mousse, sweet pastry.

Chocolate Triangle Chocolate Triangle

Flourless chocolate base with dark and white chocolate mousse coated in a chocolate ganache

Citron Tart Citron Tart

Lemon and white callebaut chocolate mousse in a sweet pastry flan with raspberry coulis finished in a white couverture chocolate glaze

Coffee Eclair Coffee Eclair

Choux pastry filled with coffee cream patisserie and whipped cream coated in a coffee fondant

Croquembouche Tart Croquembouche Tart

Profiteroles, vanilla custard, sweet pastry.

Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

Gluten free chocolate half circle shape.

Mixed Fruit Tart Mixed Fruit Tart

Mixed fruit, vanilla custard tart.

Strawberry Tartlet Strawberry Tartlet

Sweet pastry filled with vanilla cream patisserie, garnished with strawberry slices and pistachio