COVID-19 Update

Muratti remains open while abiding to new Government regulations regarding trade amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Contactless orders and payments can be made via the website or 83449977 during business hours. We appreciate your understanding and support during this time.

For more information, please read our full COVID-19 statement
Berry & Apple Berry & Apple

A white vanilla chocolate mousse with a blend of strawberry, blackberry and blueberry mousse centre, layer of vanilla sponge, caramelised apple and infused with Calvados on a coconut & almond dacquoise

Berry Noisette Berry Noisette

Thin chocolate & almond flourless brownie base with caramel popcorn, mixed berry (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, red currants & blackberry) insert and milk chocolate mousse finished with a hazelnut glaze. (Gluten Free) Please ask staff.

Chocolate Concorde Chocolate Concorde

Almond & Hazelnut dacquoise disc with dark couverture mousse, thin layer of chocolate sponge, whipped cream and chocolate meringue sticks

Citron Citron

Lemon white chocolate callebaut mousse with raspberry centre, thin vanilla sponge and hazelnut dacquoise base finished with white chocolate mirror glaze

Coffee & Baileys Coffee & Baileys

White chocolate mousse and fresh ground coffee mousse with sponge finger biscuits soaked with baileys and a thin layer of vanilla sponge on a hazelnut dacquoise decorated with chocolate cigarette sticks

Fruit of the Season Fruit of the Season

Layers of vanilla sponge with a thin layer of raspberry jam on the base, filled with unsweetened cream and fresh fruit and decorated with fresh kiwi, strawberries, mandarin, grapes and roasted almond flakes

Griottine Griottine

Dark chocolate couverture mousse with griottine cherries, a thin layer of chocolate sponge and hazelnut dacquoise finished with a chocolate mirror glaze

Mango & Passionfruit Mango & Passionfruit

White couverture chocolate mousse flavoured with a mango puree, passionfruit creme centre with a thin base of breton pastry underneath

Pistachio Pistachio

Three layers of chocolate & almond joconde with pistachio white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse encased in a dark chocolate band and dusted with pistachio. (Gluten Free) Please ask staff.

Red Passion Red Passion

Chocolate & orange crumble, Orange & Almond sponge, Passionfruit crème, raspberry and lemon compote, encased in a light coverture chocolate mousse.

Strawberry & Chocolate Strawberry & Chocolate

Layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge filled with light vanilla cream patisserie decorated with fresh strawberries, chocolate shards and roasted almond flakes

Tiramisu Tiramisu

Four layers of vanilla sponge soaked in coffee syrup filled with vanilla mascarpone cream and fresh ground coffee and dusted with dutch cocoa and icing sugar

Vanilla Bean Vanilla Bean

White couverture vanilla chocolate mousse with a thin layer of vanilla sponge, strawberry coulis centre and hazelnut dacquoise topped with a strawberry glaze with fresh strawberries and wrapped in a white chocolate band